Brighton 10K

Sunday 19th November 2017

Winner of the Womens race, in a new course record, Louise Damen

Race Information

The Brighton 10K starts in Madeira Drive (the road next to the sea front below Marine Parade), Brighton. The route heads east towards the Marina for 1.5K for a 180 degree turn, passing by the start, the Palace and West piers and on by the Peace Statue (approx 5K) and to the King Alfred Leisure centre at 6.5K for another 180 turn for the sprint back to the finish on Madeira Drive.

Important Changes
Although these instructions may sound similar to previous years, this year the race will held entirely on the road - it will not take to the pavement or promenade. This means that the course should become much straighter and faster, with no street furniture or (hopefully) pedestrians to be negotiated.

This is a result of the ongoing works around the West Pier and i360, but has given us the opportunity to improve the course and potentially grow the race numbers in the coming few years with the support of both our sponsor and Brighton & Hove Council.

These improvements have come at a small cost however and we have had to make a couple of changes:

1) There can be no parking on Madeira Drive itself other than for officials and blue badge holders - in the past two years there has not been sufficient space for everybody wanting to park and the course has been narrowed too much as a result. We anticipate more runners than ever this year and have been advised from a safety standpoint that this needed to be addressed.

2) In order that the A259 might reopen at a time to avoid major traffic problems, the start has been brought forward to 9.30am. To further assist this, any runners still on the road west of the Aquarium roundabout after 90 minutes may be asked to complete the course using the footpath - this will be a decision made at that time.

Whilst appreciating that these points could have an effect on athletes, their implementation has been necessary to ensure both safety for the athletes and spectators and also future of the race, which will hopefully now be able to grow on an annual basis.

No dogs will be allowed to take part, not only is this is a potentially dangerous practice liable to cause accidents, it is expressly forbidden under the regulations of the British Association of Road Races. Furthermore, in the interests of safety, there can be no runners allowed to compete with pushchairs.

The Start and Finish is shown on the Race Area sketch map. Madeira Drive is closed to traffic from 7am until 12 noon. As noted above, there will be no competitor/spectator parking in Madeira Drive. Parking (pay and display) is available on Marine Parade and in the side streets to the north of Marine Parade and there are public transport options available. We have been asked to request competitors not to use the parking facilities at Brighton Marina. The cycle path along Madeira Drive is closed for the morning.

Race Number and Timing Chip
The race number must be fixed to the front of your vest above waist level and must not be folded, cut, altered or mutilated in any way and the sponsors name must be visible. Any runner not wearing a number on their FRONT or without a number at the end of the race will not be allowed across the finish line and will not be recorded nor receive a medal. Deviation from these points contravenes UK Athletics Road Race Regulations and will result in the disqualification of the runner.

Race numbers are NOT interchangeable

The timing chip is fixed to the back of the number and will interact with the start and finish line when crossing. The chip will give your race time (start to finish) and also your start line to finish line time (chip time). You will get an actual time for the 10k distance but you must cross the start and finish line only once at both start and finish. If you have registered your mobile phone number when you entered you will be sent your race time immediately after you finish.

Members of affiliated Clubs must wear their First Claim Club vest. Do not forget your race number and timing chip - replacements cannot be issued.

Runners are asked where possible to come already changed for the event. Please ensure your kit bag is adequately marked if you will be using our baggage storage facilities which will be on the north side of Madeira Drive near the Start/Finish area.


Toilet facilities for both Ladies and Gentlemen are indicated on the map. These are at the Colonnade and in portable toilets west of the Start/Finish area. There are also public toilets at Peter Pan's Playground and Concorde 2 which are on opposite sides of Madeira Drive about 600m east of the Start/Finish area.

Medical Services
We are pleased to have the support of the medical services of the St John Ambulance Service. Their members will be at the Start/Finish area and also on the course.

The Start
The start of the BROOKS Brighton 10k will be at 9.30am sharp. All runners should assemble by 9.20am behind the start line with the Brighton Pier behind them. The course goes east for the first 1.5 kilometres before returning passed the start line At the start it is dangerous for slower runners to be near the front where they may impede the faster runners. You could cause an accident so please be realistic with your expected finish time and start position. There will be time indicators recommending where you should stand for the start. Please take care at the turn at Black Rock when the runners return westwards along Madeira Drive. Remember that although the race results will be based on your finishing position at the end of the race you will also get your actual running time from start line to finish line This time, known as the chip time, will be sent to your mobile number (if we have it!) immediately after you complete the course.

The 10K Course
Kilometre markers will be prominently displayed along the route, which has been accurately measured by an Official Course Measurer and hold a Certificate of Course Accuracy. Please be aware that your safety is your own responsibility.

You must obey the instruction of the Police and Race Marshals at all times. They are in a far better position that you are to know of any possible danger points. When running west from the Aquarium, please do not cross into the oncoming traffic lane - unlikely as it may sound, the car, van or lorry you could run into won't come off worst!

Please be aware that competitors will be running in both directions and the road narrows at certain points during the race. Keep well to the RIGHT at all times unless otherwise instructed. Although officially the road is closed for the duration of the race please be aware of the possibility of cyclists on Madeira Drive.

For your immediate finishing needs there will be a digital clock mounted on the gantry by the finish to record your time. With the use of the computer timing we will be displaying the earlier results near the finish as soon as possible.

The finish is at the same place as the start. Please keep moving after crossing the line and you will be channelled into an area where your race finisher's medal will be presented to you. You should continue until you are clear of the finishing area where water will be available.


You are requested to keep moving to collect your drink and meet up with family and friends. Please do not congregate or obstruct the finish area, nor distract the officials in the finish area. Please remember that all our officials, marshals and helpers have given up their Sunday lie in to voluntarily turn out to help us help you to enjoy your sport.

All the relevant permits, licences and certificates relative to the event will be on view at the race Start/finish area.

The complete results will be available as soon as possible after the race for those who wish to see them on and

Presentation of race awards will take place at 12.00pm, the venue will announced shortly. We would very much like to thank Brooks Sports for the award vouchers and their continuing support for the race. Awards will be made to the following:

Men						Women

First ten finishers				First ten finishers
First three affiliated clubs (4 to score)	First three affiliated clubs (4 to score)
First three under 20 men			First three under 20 women
First six over 40 men				First six over 35 women
First three over 50 men				First three over 45 women
First over 60 man				First over 55 woman
First over 70 man				First over 65 woman

Awards not received at the presentation will be sent to the winners. Please note that winners in the master's categories may also win the awards from the overall race but will only be eligible for one master's award.

Studio 57 Clinic ( have been partners to the Brighton 10k for over 10 years. They attend to offer pre/post race massage, taping and injury advice. They will be operating opposite the finish area under the arches. They are a multi award winning clinic who specialise in sports injury, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, nutrition, acupuncture and pilates. As an exclusive offer to the Brighton athletes they are giving all runners a 50% discount on the initial consultation. Please quote your race number on booking.

FINALLY Another reminder not to forget your race number and timing chip as replacements cannot be issued.

Thank you for reading this important race instruction.

Also if you are coming by public transport on the day remember it's a Sunday and check your route!! Please be aware that there may be work on the rail line between London and Brighton during the week-end which will cause travel delays.

Don't forget the start time is 9:30am!!